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DC Shoes: We don’t have the word 'Shoes' in our name for nothing. Established by a professional skater and rally driver in 1993, DC quickly grew to become a leader in performance skateboarding shoes. We didn’t want to adapt our skating style to the constraints of someone else’s old school shoes, we wanted shoes that not only looked good, but performed in a manner that enhanced a cutting edge skating style, allowing us to perform better and take the sport to the next level. We guess you can say shoes are our specialty, whether you need them for skating, training, cruisin’ the food court, or you just need a pair of tongs to kick off when you hit the sand, you know your feet won't come up short with us when it comes to performance and durability on or off your board. Although, they are our roots, we’re not just about performance skate shoes either, in our full collection you will find the same functionality and great looks go into all of our men's shoes and flip flops to make sure they suit all tastes and individual styles. With DC Shoes you can bring a whole lot of cool into your life and onto the street with seriously slick kicks, and the best part is, DC Shoes doesn’t compromise. These aren’t just another pair of pretty shoes. You can count on our full collection of shoes to perform just as good as they look no matter what your activity or level of skill. Whether you're looking for high tops, low tops, trainers, sneakers, skate shoes, outdoor shoes, tongs or something more, the DC shop is guaranteed to offer you the right footwear no matter how active or casual your lifestyle. Every pair of DC Shoes are constructed to be the best quality shoe you can buy. We build shoes consisting of the highest quality by combining the most durable materials with the latest technology. That technology isn’t just cooked up by a bunch of white coat wearing nerds in a lab either. We develop our technologies and breakthroughs in performance athletic shoes by field testing them with our team of pro athletes. We build shoes to help them compete, and that same research that helps our athletes become more competitive finds it\s way into production which means we are able to sell you those very same shoes that will help you compete as well. It’s all those years of experience and catering to the competitive demands of super star athletic performers with names like Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, Nyjah Houston, Rob Dyrdek, Travis Rice, Torstein Horgmo, and Corey Bohan that keeps DC shoes cutting edge. And you know we wouldn’t put our name on any shoe not worthy of the DC name just as these athletes wouldn’t be caught dead in kicks that weren’t up to speed in the latest fashion trends as well as they are in performance. To be good enough for our name, they have to be good enough for their feet, and good enough for yours. So, you know when you buy DC, you know you are going to get the very best you deserve for your feet in both performance and style.
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